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Shrek 2
10/05/04 18:46:18 - Shrek2 Review
"The best thing about this is the fact that every task, adventure and puzzle is fun and entertaining."
NBA Ballers
06/05/04 19:09:05 - NBA Ballers Review
"Midway has put together a cleverly executed, entertaining, and even garishly fashionable sprint through the playground court."
04/05/04 18:13:12 - FireStarter Review
"Firestarter's audio presentation relies on a futuristic techno vibe."
Hitman Contracts
03/05/04 19:27:43 - Hitman: Contracts Review
"At any rate, if you liked Hitman 1 and 2 then this is pretty much a must-have."
28/04/04 20:25:47 - Sacred Review
"In terms of graphics the game looks quite good. Sacred uses 3d rendering instead of 2d sprites, and it does it well."
MTX Mototrax
22/04/04 21:00:33 - MTX Mototrax Review
"I could easily recommend this title to any racing fanatic."
14/04/04 08:11:39 - Painkiller Review
"The game looks great and offers a style of play that has been done before, but they did a good job reiterating it."
Syberia 2
13/04/04 23:38:11 - Syberia 2 Review
"while Syberia 2 may not be as innovative today as Syberia was back then, it’s still a very solid sequel."
13/04/04 19:16:42 - Painkiller Review
"Painkiller isn’t a complex game, but it’s a fun."
Spells of Gold
12/04/04 19:33:04 - Spells of Gold Review
"there are notable efforts made to combine some robust play structures in Spells of Gold and for the most part, they’re executed with a deft hand for detail."
Singles: Flirt up your Life
09/04/04 18:36:06 - Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Review
"Singles is fun and addictive to play"
CSI Dark Motives
07/04/04 19:15:02 - CSI: Dark Motives Review
"Overall this game is a very good game that really challenges your eyes as well as your mind."
War Times
05/04/04 19:37:21 - Wartimes Review
"If you like RTSes, and War Times looks even remotely interesting, pick it up. You simply can’t lose."
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
01/04/04 07:39:30 - Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow Review
"To me it’s a pleasant surprise to see a developer add some really new to the current multiplayer scene. "
Karaoke Revolution
31/03/04 23:00:30 - Karaoke Revolution Review
"It bundles great gameplay, graphics, and astonishing sound to create a wonderful game."
Digital Hazard
31/03/04 07:13:48 - Digital Hazard & BlueSky Hacker Replay Review
"Overall I was very impressed with these games. They are very simple on the outside but offer quite a bit to keep most gamers happy for a while."
NFL Street
30/03/04 23:00:00 - NFL Street PS2 Review
"A great football game, with a lot of replay value included."
Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps
25/03/04 08:00:00 - Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps Review
"DR vs AK has finally arrived, and it brings one or two innovative features to a strategy gamer's table."
Far Cry
24/03/04 15:15:54 - Far Cry Review
"The jaw-dropping effects and overall visual and audible quality of Far Cry makes me wonder what games will look like in a couple of years."
23/03/04 14:18:01 - Breed Review
"Breed offers tons and tons of missions, and swarms of enemy soAll of these elements combined with a great graphical engine make for an extremely addictive game."
Seven Samurai 20xx
23/03/04 09:00:30 - Seven Samurai 20XX Review
"Whether you are a fan or not, Seven Samurai 20XX will surely not satisfy your tastes."
Neighbours From Hell 2
22/03/04 19:02:40 - Neighbors From Hell 2 Review
"The game offers a lot of laughs as you follow the man on his vacation causing him distress"
CT Special Forces
19/03/04 21:00:00 - CT Special Forces GBA Review
"As a representative of Counter-Terrorism, the game does portray the life of a special forces soldier, just not in the way most gamers are used to."
Tenchu: Return From Darkness
18/03/04 20:42:09 - Tenchu Return to Darkness Xbox Review
"Whenever ninjas are involved in games my expectations fly straight through the roof. "
Unreal Tournament 2004
18/03/04 12:29:01 - Unreal Tournament 2004 Review
"If you want “twitch action” then this really is it"
Battlefield Vietnam
17/03/04 17:56:44 - Battlefield Vietnam Review
"Battlefield Vietnam’s added depth, new content, and improved visuals and audio should make it practically a must-have for any fan of this sub-genre."
The Suffering
13/03/04 23:11:50 - The Suffering XBox Review
"If you already own Ninja Gaiden and want something different then The Suffering might be just the thing for you."
Joan of Arc
10/03/04 16:00:30 - Joan of Arc Review
"With a little more TLC and polish, this game could have really been something. "
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Team Sabre
10/03/04 16:00:00 - DFBHD Team Sabre Review
"you’re getting a fair amount of fun for your money, so look it up if you’ve grown bored with the regular Black Hawk Down."
Amped 2
09/03/04 13:00:00 - Amped 2 Review
"Amped 2’s advantages over SSX 3 are the amazing soundtrack, the real pro snowboarders/companies and the support for Xbox Live."
Spy Hunter 2
08/03/04 07:00:00 - Spy Hunter 2 Review
"The action sequences & movies are the only attractive graphical presentation of the game."
Ninja Gaiden
07/03/04 09:12:00 - Ninja Gaiden Review
" Ninja Gaiden has a surprisingly deep combat system, highly responsive controls, graphics to die for, and audio to both dot the i and cross the t."
Pitfall The Lost Expedition
07/03/04 09:11:00 - Pitfall The Lost Expedition Review
"Overall, I think that Pitfall: Lost expedition is worth the time and money."
07/03/04 09:10:27 - Nightshade Review
"Shinobi was a great game for fanboys and newcomers alike"
King of Fighters 00/01
01/03/04 23:00:20 - King of Fighters 2000 - 2001 Review
"any SNK/ KOF fan boy should go pick this up"
Jet Grind Radio
01/03/04 23:00:00 - Jet Grind Radio GBA Review
"the fast paced gameplay and looks of the original are still here"
Castlevania Lament of Innocence
29/02/04 23:00:00 - Castlevania Lament of Innocence Review
"Castlevania is one of the few video game series that succeeded in keeping up with the flow of time without giving away too much of its original spirit."
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
28/02/04 23:00:30 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Review
"It is much different than what most fans of the series would think a Final Fantasy game should be."
Universal Combat
28/02/04 23:00:00 - Universal Combat Review
"Universal Combat remains really the only game of it’s kind"
Destruction Derby Arenas
26/02/04 16:00:00 - Destruction Derby Arenas Review
"This game surely has its moments, wrecking things evidently offers fun up to a certain limit"
Champions of Norrath
23/02/04 23:00:40 - Champions of Norrath Review
"The storyline for CoN really carries the game"
Kill Switch
23/02/04 23:00:20 - Kill Switch PS2 Review
"With a wide range of weapons, excellent detail, and some innovative gameplay elements, this game should not be pushed aside"
In The Raven Shadow
23/02/04 23:00:00 - In The Raven Shadow Review
"The overall look is a simple, colorful wash which looks like it’s been done with watercolor and pastels in hand-drawn simplicity"
Sonic Heroes
17/02/04 23:00:00 - Sonic Heroes Review
"What's a tropical island without beautiful graphics? Yes, Sonic looks excellent on the new platform"
Total Pro Basketball 2003
13/02/04 23:00:00 - Total Pro Basketball 2003 Review
"400 Software Studios managed to create a deep, graceful game."
Squad Assault: West Front
12/02/04 23:00:00 - Squad Assault West Front Review
"I cannot deny that the menu and command interfaces are some of the most intuitively employable I’ve ever come across in a squad-based tactical game,"
Hidden and Dangerous 2
09/02/04 23:00:20 - Hidden and Dangerous 2 Review
"A very detailed, historic 3rd person shooter. I actually chose this game over Call of Duty - and I do not regret it."
FIFA 2004
09/02/04 23:00:00 - Fifa 2004 Review
"EA Sports have improved numerous other areas of the game"
Total Pro Football 2004
08/02/04 23:00:00 - Total Pro Football 2004 Review
"In a world of simulation games gone wild, Total Pro Football 2004 delivers a nice product based on a deep and detail-saturated sport."
05/02/04 23:00:40 - Mafia PS2 Review
"A strong story line and graphics "