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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
18/02/03 19:24:20 - Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Review
"This game is fun, the game is beautiful, and the sounds are very well done. The relationship system is very well thought out."
Time of Defiance
15/02/03 15:01:56 - Time Of Defiance Second Review
"Time of Defiance can be compared to Planetarion in many ways, and I’m convinced that anyone who liked Planetarion will love Time of Defiance."
Unreal II: The Awakening
03/02/03 19:09:34 - Unreal 2 Review
"Unreal 2 is by all means a good game, because it offers outstanding graphics, good sounds and music, and fairly decent gameplay."
Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome
02/02/03 17:46:17 - Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome Review
"in some of the new maps you’ll find anti-tank cannons, which both look cool and rips up metal with ease."
Sim City 4
29/01/03 22:37:21 - Sim City 4 Review
"very involving game of city management, with very attractive graphics, a really solid soundtrack and deep gameplay then you can’t go wrong with SimCity 4."
Impossible Creatures
22/01/03 22:26:58 - Impossible Creatures Review
"Impossible Creatures is in every sense of the word a solid game. "
The Getaway
21/01/03 23:10:23 - The Getaway PS2 Review
"More realism is likely the key feature that distinguishes “The Getaway” from the rest of the competition."
Digimon Rumble Arena
20/01/03 22:15:29 - Digimon Rumble Arena PSone Review
" I would recommend this game to everyone that likes the fighting genre and maybe even the ones that don’t."
Digimon BattleSpirit
20/01/03 22:05:58 - Digmon Battle Spirits GBA Review
"I would recommend this game to everyone that likes the fighting genre and maybe even the ones that don’t."
19/01/03 20:53:27 - Harvest Review
"If you like a good puzzle and don't mind the somewhat outdated graphics then this is the game for you. "
Hegemonia: Legions of Iron
17/01/03 21:05:51 - Hegemonia Legions of Iron Review
"Hegemonia is sure to please those wishing they had some new space to explore and claim."
Ski Resort Tycoon 2
16/01/03 22:00:04 - Ski Resort Tycoon 2 Review
"Ski Resort Tycoon 2 is a surprisingly fun game. It has a lot of nice features, however it doesn’t really conquer any new ground."
14/01/03 20:40:31 - Platoon Review
"Overall, Platoon is a very well thought through and executed game."
The Gladiators: Galactic Circus Games
13/01/03 13:35:16 - The Gladiators Review
"The Gladiators is a fresh game with a new concept on strategy, and believe me you are going to need it."
Total Immersion Racing
11/01/03 12:37:03 - Total Immersion Racing PS2 Review
"the advanced AI is definitely worth a look or two..."
Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs
11/01/03 11:48:56 - Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs Review
"Zoo Tycoon fans should find it fun and it should keep them playing this addictive game that little bit longer"
Kingdom Hearts
08/01/03 16:22:34 - Kingdom Hearts PS2 Review
"after playing for hours - I simply love the overall style of this game! "
Spyro Enter The Dragonfly
06/01/03 11:57:39 - Spyro Enter the Dragonfly Review
"the levels and especially Spyro himself are well detailed and you can enjoy exploring the large world the developers created"
Super Mario Sunshine
01/01/03 01:34:49 - Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube Review
"Although my vacation made possible in Super Mario Sunshine wasn’t flawless, it was an experience that I will retain as a gamer for time to come."
Super Monkey Ball 2
01/01/03 01:31:27 - Super Monkey Ball 2 Gamecube Review
"All in all, Super Monkey Ball 2 is a solid, challenging title that should make GameCube owners happy"
27/12/02 00:12:29 - DarkSpace Review
"DarkSpace is the kind of game that’s awesome for some people, yet not incredibly fun for other people."
24/12/02 17:55:30 - BMX XXX Xbox Review
"If you are into hard-core extreme sports action, this game may be too much of a lightweight for you"
Grand Prix Challenge
20/12/02 09:19:19 - Grand Prix Challenge PS2 Review
"Grand Prix Challenge plays good, looks good and keeps you racing for months to come"
Terminator: Dawn of Fate
17/12/02 00:18:44 - Terminator Dawn of Fate PS2 Review
"Action fans will enjoy this title but the developers could have done more with the Terminator license."
Terminator: Dawn of Fate
17/12/02 00:11:46 - Terminator Dawn of Fate XBOX Review
"Action fans will enjoy this title but the developers could have done more with the Terminator license."
Splinter Cell
14/12/02 16:05:50 - Splinter Cell XBOX Review
"It delivers in almost every way imaginable, by offering awesome graphics, audio and gameplay."
Metroid Prime
13/12/02 02:05:56 - Metroid Prime GameCube Review
"Go get it. Easily worth the money for any Metroid fan. What are you waiting for? I said go get it!"
Ratchet and Clank
11/12/02 01:53:59 - Ratchet and Clank PS2 Review
"Ratchet and Clank offers many improvements over the already good title from former Barking Dog Studios."
Treasure Planet
10/12/02 03:13:13 - Treasure Planet PS2 Review
"Overall, Treasure Planet is a piece of work that suffers greatly from the lack of variety"
Tekken 4
07/12/02 11:25:13 - Tekken 4 Review
"As part 4 of the saga combines well-tried virtues with soft improvements, it surely satisfies all Tekkeneers out there"
Die Hard Vendetta
04/12/02 22:59:36 - Die Hard Vendetta Gamecube Review
"Die Hard Vendetta is a first person shooter with some interesting ideas and a good story but an outdated graphics engine."
GTA Vice City
03/12/02 13:26:59 - GTA Vice City PS2 Review
"This game is most definitely game of the year material."
Hearts of Iron
30/11/02 10:35:11 - Hearts of Iron Review
"It has the most comprehensive technology research tree that I've ever seen implemented in a game"
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22
26/11/02 08:19:36 - Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 Playstation Review
"Just like in so many other Fighting Games it is possible to tune up your character by training"
Tony Tough
26/11/02 08:16:53 - Tony Tough Review
" If you’re tired of mindless first-person-shooter clones and feel like using your brain a bit then buy this game, it’s as simple as that."
Ferrari F355 Challenge
25/11/02 09:02:25 - Ferrari F355 Challenge Review
"In general this game is nothing more than ordinary average"
Dragons Lair 3D
25/11/02 08:41:16 - Dragons Lair 3D Review
"However, Dragon’s Lair’s use of cell shading makes a sort of compromise and yet somehow comes out stronger than many of today’s biggest 3D games."
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead
24/11/02 12:16:56 - MOHAA Spearhead Review
"this is an excellent addition to the MOH family."
Superman Shadow of Apokolips
21/11/02 09:46:46 - Superman Shadow of Apokolips Review
"While the game has its flaws, the atmosphere resembles the series very well"
Al Qaeda Hunting 3D
20/11/02 09:54:28 - Al Qaeda Hunting 3D Review
"I can honestly say that it was the most traumatizing experience of my adult life"
Sega Soccer Slam
20/11/02 08:38:10 - Sega Soccer Slam
"I can only say I loved this game – if you are looking for fast fun, stop looking and look at this one."
Turok Evolution
19/11/02 21:08:27 - Turok Evolution PS2 Review
"the game suddenly grabs you by your scales and yanks you back to the Jurassic era."
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
17/11/02 20:56:01 - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Review
"doesn’t change the fact that the original story is terrific, and the way it is told in this game would probably even please J.R.R. Tolkien himself."
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
17/11/02 20:55:48 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review
" As for the music, while there is nothing especially notable about it, there are no complaints either. "
The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal
16/11/02 20:15:36 - The Elder Scrolls Tribunal Review
"Mildly disappointing, Tribunal is still a step above most RPGs to date."
Army Men World War
15/11/02 10:35:52 - Combat Mission 2 Review
"It is what the developers wanted it to be: authentic, enjoyable and accurate."
Rallisport Challenge
13/11/02 07:25:06 - Rallisport Challenge Review
"The winning combination of realistic physics and arcade-like game play is perfectly done in this racer"
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
13/11/02 07:22:03 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 Gamecube Review
"It is just an overall fun game that will keep you entranced well into the future."
Taz: Wanted
12/11/02 11:26:37 - Taz: Wanted PS2 Review
"A little short and sometimes a little frustrating, still Taz is a unique character and his spin introduces something new to the genre."
Contra Shattered Soldier
11/11/02 10:23:20 - Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 Review
"Konami has made a pretty decent remake of the old Contra in my opinion, although, unlike the original, the gameplay is very fast."