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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
11/11/02 10:09:36 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Gamecube Review
"Clean, smooth graphics, infinite longevity, excellent music."
Virtua Striker 3
10/11/02 11:48:52 - Virtua Striker 3 Gamecube Review
"The graphics are perhaps the games saving grace, and is why the game sells, because it looks good in adverts and pictures in magazines."
Turok Evolution
09/11/02 10:46:38 - Turok Evolution Gamecube Review
"The architecture is amazing, the dinosaurs sometimes awe-inspiring and the jungles feel alive."
International Superstar Soccer 2
08/11/02 15:04:06 - International Superstar Soccer 2 Gamecube Review
"Fast flowing action, smooth graphics and good fun with mates. "
Age of Mythology
08/11/02 09:24:24 - Age of Mythology Review
"So to answer the question, ‘Was it worth the wait?’, all in all it would seem so."
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
08/11/02 09:23:33 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Review
"I personally find Tiger Woods 2003 to be a great game. It has everything a golf game needs."
Soldiers of Anarchy
07/11/02 09:49:46 - Soldiers of Anarchy Review
"Before the patch, mediocre, after the patch, a good game."
06/11/02 08:19:51 - Deathrow XBox Review
" things will leave you with a very entertaining game that should be both fun and challenging for nearly everyone."
06/11/02 08:18:57 - Suikoden PsOne Review
"Eventhough this game was already released back in 1996 it still offers great RPG entertainment and is definitley worth a look."
Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku
05/11/02 09:25:26 - Dragon Ball Z – Legacy of Goku GBA Review
"Dragonball Z is a fun little RPG game which will remind you of classic games like Legend of Zelda."
Europa 1400: The Guild
04/11/02 17:55:45 - Europa 1400 The Guild Review
"If you want my honest, truly honest and extremely balanced conclusion, this is a game that you wouldn't want to miss"
Doom 2
04/11/02 17:39:40 - Doom 2 GBA Review
"not only has better graphics than practically any Gameboy Advance game, but also includes good gameplay "
Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire
03/11/02 09:34:30 - Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire PsOne Review
"A title mainly for the younger audience."
Silent Hill 2
02/11/02 07:18:33 - Silent Hill 2 PS2 Second Review
"This is a new standard in survival-horror that will be spoken of for time to come and that should be familiar to every fan of the genre."
Iron Storm
02/11/02 07:17:43 - Iron Storm Review
"it is one of the few first-person shooters that have really annoyed me"
Age of Sail 2 Privateers Bounty
01/11/02 11:36:34 - Age of Sail 2 Privateers Bounty Review
"Privateer's Bounty is a very nice naval strategy game - probably the best one available on the market, at least until Sea Dogs 2 comes out."
Michael Schumacher World Kart Racing 2002
01/11/02 11:27:37 - Michael Schumacher World Kart Racing 2002 Review
" I cannot imagine someone being paid to race a go-kart for a living."
TimeSplitters 2
31/10/02 06:02:12 - Time Splitters 2 XBox Review
"It’s currently the best multiplayer console fps on the market "
Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf
31/10/02 05:58:58 - Review Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf
"Winter of the Wolf pretty much pushes the envelop on all that had made Battle Realms a great title, it’s a definite two-thumbs up"
No One Lives Forever 2
30/10/02 09:28:46 - No One Lives Forever 2 Review
"More than just a sequel to a big seller, No One Lives Forever 2 is a leap beyond the original in terms of graphics, level design, and new features."
Combat Flight Simulator 3
30/10/02 09:24:10 - Combat Flight Simulator 3 Review
"The combination of simulation with character development and a good sense of progress makes this game one of the best flight sims I have ever played"
FIFA 2003
29/10/02 08:47:27 - Fifa 2003 Review
"I can say that this is the best soccer game I have ever tried"
KHawk Survival Instinct
28/10/02 10:37:49 - KHawk Survival Instinct Review
"K. Hawk is a good snack if you are a stealth / action player and don’t own a system besides the PC"
Monster Force
28/10/02 10:32:45 - Monster Force GBA Review
"Monster Force on the outside is a brilliant and revolutionary maze shooter"
27/10/02 11:11:21 - Legion Review
"Legion is a very well-balanced game with great gameplay that will keep you glued to your monitor for hours"
Ninja Assault
27/10/02 09:26:50 - Ninja Assault PS2 Review
"Ninja Assault is yet another gun shooter from Namco: fast but short fun and a great time killer "
Big Scale Racing
26/10/02 11:14:14 - Big Scale Racing Review
"A fan of these little cars should fall in love with the atmosphere and extremely realistic physics engine"
Peter Pan Return to Neverland
25/10/02 11:07:43 - Peter Pan Return to Neverland PS2 Review
"Overall Mr Pan is nothing but another uninspired Disney game which leaves much to be desired in terms of gameplay, graphics and plot. "
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
25/10/02 10:41:46 - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Review
"definitely worth playing for any racing game fan"
Black Belt Challenge
24/10/02 07:35:04 - Black Belt Challenge GBA Review
"Black Belt Challenge offers better looking graphics than most fighting games on the Gameboy Advance"
Burnout 2
24/10/02 07:27:13 - Burnout 2 PS2 Review
"This game is immoral, and I loved it!"
Robotech: The Macross Saga
23/10/02 07:38:08 - Robotech: The Macross Saga GBA Review
"Fans of the Robotech universe or the genre itself should make sure you inspect this game further. "
Street Legal
23/10/02 06:56:49 - Street Legal Racing Review
"Street Legal could have been a great game if it was given the time and dedication for a proper development."
NHL 2003
22/10/02 08:53:10 - NHL 2003 Review
"Overall NHL 2003 is a good sequel to the franchise, not only giving it a facelift, but also adding new game options."
Shrek Hassle At The Castle
22/10/02 08:35:43 - Shrek Hassle At The Castle GBA Review
"What on the outside seems like an innovative and enjoyable game gets weaker and weaker the more you play"
Airlines 2
21/10/02 19:44:27 - Airlines 2 Review
"In-game you'll find splendid pre-rendered animations, adding to the overall 'airline' experience"
Kao The Kangaroo
21/10/02 19:06:41 - Kao The Kangaroo Review
"Overall, Kao is a fun and addictive game... "
Spyro: Season of Flame
21/10/02 18:43:08 - Spyro 2: Season of Flame Review
"To conclude; Spyro 2 is a fun and colorful game that is almost guaranteed to be a hit with kids"
Law & Order: Dead on the Money
20/10/02 18:33:07 - Law and Order: Dead on the Money Review
"With good sound, great voice acting, and an interesting story line, the game is a decent title. "
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance
20/10/02 18:28:14 - Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance GBA Review
"this is not your every-day platform game."
18/10/02 17:46:34 - Ballerburg Review
"They managed to add tons of variety to it, so even though it's slightly dull after a number of hours, its gameplay is very solid."
18/10/02 09:48:08 - BomberFun Review
"BomberFun is truly a needed fresh breath of fun in the dying arcade genre, with outstanding gameplay, graphics and audio."
Real War: Rogue States
16/10/02 10:41:36 - Real War: Rogue States Review
"It features terrific cutscenes, a very solid overall audio, some innovative (and might I even say - sometimes realistic) gameplay features "
Hitman 2
14/10/02 17:44:51 - Hitman 2 Review
"Some may be appalled by Hitman 2’s violence, but others might see beyond that and see a challenging game that lets forces you to think"
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
13/10/02 19:24:49 - Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's island GBA Review
"The bottom line is about this game is it’s a very fun very well designed game that adds a few new touches to the platform genre "
Red Shark
13/10/02 19:18:31 - Red Shark Review
"If you have been waiting for a nice, not too expensive helicopter arcade game Red Shark is for you."
Scrabble Complete
11/10/02 00:00:49 - Scrabble Complete Review
"Scrabble Complete is the best and most detailed Scrabble game for the computer ever"
Monopoly 3
10/10/02 15:40:32 - Monopoly 3 Review
"don't deprive yourself or your children from an experience they should try, either buy them this, or buy them the original table board game"
Take-Out Weight Curling
01/10/02 02:51:07 - Take-Out Weight Curling Review
"What it lacks in the graphics and sound departments it makes up by very enjoyable single and multiplayer as well as a vast variety of gameplay options"
Icewind Dale 2
03/09/02 11:52:48 - Icewind Dale 2 Review
"It has always been a good set up. Starting with character generation and management, the interface is intuitive and like an old friend."