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Arthurs Quest Battle for the Kingdom
02/09/02 13:04:53 - Arthurs Quest Battle for the Kingdom Review
" A game that has almost no personality, no gameplay depth, no cool weapons..."
The Thing
31/08/02 10:53:14 - The Thing Review
"This game is gruesome and disturbing. An odd mix of 3rd person shooter and adventure game"
Resident Evil
29/08/02 13:51:35 - Resident Evil Gamecube Review
"Resident Evil is a solid, well developed game that deserves to be in every GameCube owners collection, no question."
Cultures 2
28/08/02 13:07:21 - Cultures 2 Review
"I think this game was made to appeal to fans of RTS games who want a more interactive and in depth experience."
Big Biz Tycoon
27/08/02 15:27:51 - Big Biz Tycoon Review
"From the little computer generated grunts of your employees to the MIDI music that plays way too loudly."
Dino Island
26/08/02 10:02:56 - Dino Island Review
"It is also worth checking out if you are a fan of sim-management games such as titles in the Tycoon series."
Medieval Total War
25/08/02 13:49:53 - Medieval Total War Review
"Definitely two-thumbs up, make sure you buy this one."
Moonbase Commander
24/08/02 13:42:48 - Moonbase Commander Review
"in my opinion, the game is not up to scratch, with the bad AI, and repetitive goals"
Time of Defiance
23/08/02 12:57:49 - Time of Defiance Review
"Time of Defiance is a real good game for strategy fans but however the lack different features may disappoint the experienced gamers"
Antz Extreme Racing
19/08/02 12:18:58 - Antz Extreme Racing PS2 review
"AntZ Extreme Racing is a fun racer for killing of your own or your children's time."
Eye of the Kraken
16/08/02 02:41:13 - The Eye Of Kraken review
"The eye of Kraken, it has everything that is needed to make a pleasing and, most of all, very funny adventure game."
Tsunami 2265
15/08/02 11:30:40 - Tsunami 2265 Review
"It lacks in every department, of course in some more than others"
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
11/08/02 01:00:50 - Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem GameCube Review
"Like everyone else I am very fond of the fighting system."
09/08/02 14:27:24 - Syberia Review
"Any adventure game should own this charming little gem of a game."
1914 The Great War
08/08/02 13:28:33 - 1914 The Great War Review
"Hardcore turn base fans shouldn’t miss this one"
Manic Miner
07/08/02 12:47:43 - Manic Miner GBA Review
"Manic Miner is an absolute must. It is totally addictive and totally playable."
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger
06/08/02 14:42:46 - Delta Force Task Force Dagger Review
"The triste scenery, the weak graphics and the brainless enemies didn´t make me enjoy playing the game"
Vampire Night
30/07/02 18:15:29 - Vampire Night PS2 Review
" Vampire Night might be a good buying choice."
Hero X
24/07/02 11:55:59 - Hero X Review
" thought this was one of the worst games I had ever played. But after I had played it for a while, I can see some positive things about the game. "
22/07/02 17:17:36 - MotoGP Review
"They have succeeded in improving on previous race games, balancing the simulation factor with the fun factor "
Hitchcock: The Final Cut
19/07/02 22:37:35 - Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Final Cut Review
"Hitchcock fans will find it more intriguing than the rest of us, but it still won’t amount to a great game."
Wario Land 4
18/07/02 11:23:04 - Wario Land 4 GBA Review
"Fans of Wario, or the Nintendo universe in general should get some fun hours of gaming with this title"
Virtua Fighter 4
17/07/02 16:47:48 - Virtua Fighter 4 Review
"Virtua Fighter 4 is at the same time a very entertaining game for novices and, sophisticatd in handling"
NBA Courtside
15/07/02 16:03:39 - NBA Courtside Gamecube Review
"NBA Courtside is a well done Basketball game with a lot of details other Basketball sims lack"
12/07/02 12:22:29 - ICO PS2 Review
"ICO is a game as well as a small piece of art, innovative and complex it finds its own way through the monoton gaming landscape"
Arx Fatalis
11/07/02 14:02:56 - ARX Fatalis Review
"Arx Fatalis is one of those games you can play for months and still haven't discovered every single secret of the game"
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
08/07/02 15:30:05 - Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos review
"This is a downright fun game"
Super Smash Brothers Melee
08/07/02 14:51:36 - Super Smash Brothers Melee Gamecube Review
"Nintendo DID build on the success of Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 and developed the game further"
Golden Sun
06/07/02 11:26:04 - Golden Sun GBA Review
"For me this is the kind of game that would make me buy a Gameboy Advance. "
Breath of Fire II
02/07/02 12:32:39 - Breath of Fire 2 GBA Review
"The original Breath of Fire is looked upon as one of the best role-playing games so far, and the sequel isn't too bad of a game either."
Neverwinter Nights
29/06/02 12:24:28 - Neverwinter Nights Review
"Deep and sophisticated singleplayer, rich and truly social multiplayer, there is nothing that stands out as needing improvement"
London Racer 2
21/06/02 09:40:47 - London Racer 2 Review
"I was really disappointed by the fact that the game doesn't offer real multiplayer, other than local mode"
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
21/06/02 09:38:29 - Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Review
"If you are looking for a new action, side-scrolling title, look no further than Duke Nukem, you will not be disappointed."
19/06/02 12:07:15 - Zoocube GBA Review
"It's one of those games that you can play during the half time or waste a whole evening on."
The Watchmaker (old)
17/06/02 11:34:01 - The Watchmaker Review
"I would say that this is a title you should only go for if solving puzzles is your favorite pastime"
Warlords: Battlecry 2
16/06/02 11:48:44 - Warlords Battlecry 2 Review
"Warlords: Battlecry II is easily a MUST have for any RTS fan."
Pac Man All Stars
15/06/02 10:58:12 - Pac Man All Stars Review
"Even if you are a really huge fan of Pac Man I would still advise waiting for this one to go on sale."
Disciples 2
14/06/02 11:44:05 - Disciples 2 Review
"Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy reminds us that great, innovative gameplay and an engaging storyline is what makes a good game"
13/06/02 11:20:32 - Gore Review
"Single player is depressingly unimaginative, and was obviously just tacked on more as an afterthought than an actual play mode."
Soldier of Fortune 2
11/06/02 11:37:35 - Soldier of Fortune 2 Review
"with decent single-player missions, nice visuals, very nice audio and excellent multiplayer this should be a sure hit for a LAN-party"
10/06/02 12:46:37 - Cuboingo Review
"Puzzle gamers unite! A new and original game has surfaced and you now have yet another means of wasting your time in endless fun!"
Heroes of Might and Magic 4
07/06/02 11:51:18 - HOMM 4 Review
"the individual campaigns are very well written and engaging, giving one the feel of reading through a fantasy novel"
The Italian Job
05/06/02 11:34:04 - The Italian Job Review
"This game isn't bad for a bargain title. But no matter how little a game costs, a sub par game is still a sub par game."
04/06/02 11:16:07 - Kohan Special Awards Edition Review
"With original features and a decent story, it brings a bit of fun back to the RTS genre."
01/06/02 12:36:58 - GTA 3 Review
"If you like action in any way and have a somewhat new PC then be sure to buy this game, just don’t shoot the clerk at the store."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
31/05/02 15:56:04 - The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Review
"This game is absolutely amazing. The experience leaves wives without husbands and sons without fathers for weeks at a time"
Konami Collectors Series Arcade Advanced
19/05/02 21:20:57 - GBA Review: Konami Collectors Series Arcade Advanced
"While these games don't offer the latest and greatest in graphics and sounds they can be a whole lot of fun"
Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs
15/05/02 12:08:58 - Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs Review
"If you’re dying for a new RTS game with some unique aspects, I definitely recommend giving Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs a try."
2002 FIFA World Cup
13/05/02 11:19:43 - 2002 Fifa World Cup Review
"There are also far too few gameplay options, making this game not worth shelling out cash if you already own FIFA 2002"
Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates
09/05/02 15:07:35 - Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates GBA Review
"if you've grown tired of Mario and the likes then Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates might be a game to look for."