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13/02/01 18:30:12 - X-Scooter Review
"X-Scooter is in my opinion a game that can be fun for approximately 30 minutes"
04/02/01 20:13:55 - Oni Review
"If you're into action - try this game. If you're into anime - try this game. If you're into gaming in general - try this game."
Project IGI
19/01/01 18:00:01 - Project IGI Review
"In many ways this is a very good game, but there are bugs and there are features that could make the game a fair bit better."
Carnivores Ice Age
17/01/01 17:31:12 - Carnivores Ice Age Review
"Overall Carnivores: Ice Age is a good game"
26/12/00 14:07:33 - Giants Review
"Giants is the most perfect game I ever found, with humor, beautiful look and a solid handling"
Earth 2150: The Moon Project
24/12/00 00:49:11 - The Moon Project Review
"The graphics are quite spectacular, exiting, innovative you might even think.."
Disney's Dinosaur
23/12/00 21:36:29 - Dinosaur Action Game Review
"Dinosaur is extremely well done and thought, hardly a boy or an adult that did find the movie engrossing will dislike this title."
Pro Rally 2001
20/12/00 15:44:29 - Pro Rally 2001 Review
"Now, this is where the game really shook me up, this game is pure adrenaline based Fun..."
Jagged Alliance 2 Unfinished Business
16/12/00 18:22:12 - Jagged Alliance 2 Unfinished Business Review
"Great gameplay combined with an interesting story and great sound-effects guarantees you that this game is worth the money!"
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
11/12/00 18:49:04 - Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Review
"Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is like one of those snow/skate board stunt games, just with a BMX under your 'virtual' ass."
Gunman Chronicles
03/12/00 16:06:22 - Gunman Chronicles Second Review
"This is the kind of game that you play just to frag some aliens!"
The Mummy
02/12/00 17:44:41 - The Mummy Review
"It's not a success but it works, though being took out of a movie doesn't really add anything to the game.."
Battle Isle Andosia War
30/11/00 12:11:40 - Battle Isle Andosia War Review
"A Complex, well rounded Turn-Based Strategy game"
Hitman: Codename 47
27/11/00 17:14:52 - Hitman Review
"As soon as I am done writing this review i will go back to where I left off in Hitman because it really got me hooked"
Insane (old)
25/11/00 21:38:18 - Insane Review
"A Definite winner, Online gaming is a huge success on this one, you'd be INSANE not to get it"
Gunman Chronicles
23/11/00 17:03:24 - Gunman Chronicles Review
"When the ships are flying, there is this slow, lovely calming music which captures your mind"
Star Trek: DS9 The Fallen
22/11/00 21:32:14 - Star Trek DS9 The Fallen Review
"It's a nice action adventure and it's even more great for Star Trek fans."
Donald Duck Goin Quackers
21/11/00 23:59:51 - Donald Duck Goin Quackers Review
"The game is great, and altough targetted at kids by many, it's a joy to play at any ages"
Virtual Pool 3
17/11/00 01:04:11 - Virtual Pool 3 Review
"Virtual Pool 3, a game like no other. Its amazing graphics and features make it the most realistic pool game ive seen so far."
No One Lives Forever
15/11/00 20:15:53 - No One Lives Forever Second Review
"Gameplay is superbly Crafted"
Fur Fighters
12/11/00 18:50:04 - Fur Fighters Review
"Solid Gameplay, bastard controls, all in a well rendered engine."
11/11/00 23:44:23 - Sacrifice Review
"I personally would say that the game has all in it you could want from the game: Good graphics, good sound, good maps and much fun."
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove
11/11/00 21:43:36 - The Emperors New Groove Review
"Great humor, Super graphics, characters to make you wanna Slap yourself and a Storyline that only Disney can deliver."
4x4 Evolution
10/11/00 09:16:51 - 4x4 Evolution Review
"All i can say is Incredible."
Monkey Island 4
10/11/00 06:15:51 - Monkey Island 4 Review
"Great graphics; excellent voice acting, music and sound effects. A lot of humour; Overall very enjoyable gaming experience."
08/11/00 15:42:57 - Sheep Review
"A Very refreshing game after the Lemmings Mania, giving a new and different atmosphere to all Puzzle solving games."
FIFA 2001
07/11/00 22:41:10 - FIFA 2001 Review
"make this football game a must for everyone"
Thandor: The Invasion
06/11/00 00:10:59 - Thandor Review
"Fans of real time strategy games may find Thandor fun for some of their free time"
Hogs of War
05/11/00 23:51:04 - Hogs of War Review
"A well balanced game, really funny..."
04/11/00 23:51:52 - Normality Review
"You see the videos are made in a way that makes the game stand out and say, this is Normality damnit!"
Squad Leader
02/11/00 12:04:24 - Squad Leader Review
"If you are getting tired of all those C&C clones, then give a try to this one"
Dark Secrets of Africa
30/10/00 17:06:57 - Dark Secrets of Africa Review
"the one discovering the lost temples of pharaos is an higly enterataining experience."
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
29/10/00 02:58:32 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Review
"Well what else can I say ? This game is Excellent !"
27/10/00 15:12:31 - Rune Review
"there's a really great final sequence, well worth going over the whole game!"
Red Alert 2
26/10/00 15:24:15 - Red Alert 2 Review
"Well, overall, I think that RA2 is a good game to get"
Bad Mojo
24/10/00 20:15:25 - Bad Mojo Review
"Awfully lifelike at times, and looks really the way you'd expect a roach infected appartment would look"
23/10/00 17:57:07 - Zeus Review
"gives some good hours of gameplay!"
Pac Man Adventures
22/10/00 22:53:01 - Pac Man Adventures in Time retro gamer point of view
"Yummy, PacMan did never look so nice..."
Ripley's Believe It or Not: The Riddle of Master Lu
22/10/00 21:45:53 - The Riddle of Master Lu
"Quite astounding to say the least!"
Pac Man Adventures
22/10/00 21:27:21 - Pac Man Adventures in Time from a new gamer point of view
"What's small, yellow and likes to eat small dots? Pacman of course!"
Siege of Avalon
22/10/00 11:30:59 - Siege of Avalon Review
"Siege of Avalon was was a nice adventure into RPG's and I did come to the conclusion to head out to buy more chapters."
Dirt Track Racing
21/10/00 20:30:23 - Dirt Track Racing Review
"If you like Sprint cars, then I say this is as real as it gets"
One Must Fall 2097
20/10/00 17:06:20 - One Must Fall 2097 Review
"is the kind of game you want to play several times..."
Vyruz: Destruction of the Untel Empire
19/10/00 18:15:52 - Vyruz Review
"trust me, you will not regret giving it a try..."
Gabriel Knight
16/10/00 22:26:01 - Gabriel Knight Review
"The storyline is really sophisticated and does beat a whole lot of films I've seen..."
Sega Smash Pack 2
15/10/00 15:36:34 - Sega Smash Pack 2
"2d platforms at their best..."
Pacific Warriors
14/10/00 12:42:12 - Pacific Warriors Review
"It's not arcade, it's not a sim, it looks good, it sounds good.."
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
12/10/00 19:35:15 - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Action Game
"...world music is an example of some good pumping music that will make you boost your volume..."
F1 Manager 2000
11/10/00 09:56:04 - F1 Manager 2000 Review
"If you like Formula 1 and manager type games this game maybe something that you allways dreamed"
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
10/10/00 17:28:59 - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire UK Edition Review
"I have found this one to be most Intriguing and most difficult to play..."