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Dragon Hunters
28/04/08 06:09:52 - Dragon Hunters DS Review
"In the end, Dragon Hunters is a well designed, child friendly game."
Nanostray 2
27/04/08 03:46:28 - Nanostray 2 DS Review
"The game is a much welcomed step up for the series, but casual gamer, consider ye be warned."
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
19/04/08 20:36:26 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PS3 Review
"The Gran Turismo series is heralded as being the top of litter for racing simulators, and based on Prologue, it looks like GT5 will uphold such claims."
Logitech G51 Speakers
18/04/08 17:05:46 - Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System Review
""No, it doesn't take a specialized mold to make your speaker special...""
Viking: Battle for Asgard
14/04/08 20:51:32 - Viking Battle for Asgard Xbox 360 Review
"the game feels more like an amalgamation of different gaming experiences, compiled into one repetitively-mediocre, Scandinavian bag"
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
02/02/08 20:16:21 - Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance PC Review
"Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a welcome standalone expansion which adds a large set of features to the already great Supreme Commander"
Prism: Light the Way
02/02/08 20:14:31 - Prism: Light the Way DS Review
"All in all, Prism: Light the Way provides a large amount of entertainment in a simple and easy to pick up package"
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
02/02/08 20:13:29 - Tony Hawk's Proving Ground PS3 Review
"If sandbox skating with easy to learn controls is your thing, this is a Tony Hawk that is well worth playing."
Assassin's Creed
01/02/08 19:21:01 - Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 Review
"While breathtaking to behold, gameplay takes a sideseat to exploring and inciting fights with guards and escaping."
Escape from Paradise City
10/01/08 21:21:45 - Escape from Paradise City PC Review
"In the vast gulf between the triple A games and the shovelware that goes direct to the bargain bin lie MOL games like Escape from Paradise City."
Painkiller: Overdose
10/01/08 21:17:23 - Painkiller: Overdose PC Review
"If Overdose was a free download, it would definitely be worth checking out"
Unreal Tournament 3
03/01/08 23:37:15 - Unreal Tournament III PS3 Review
"More real than you think"
03/01/08 21:36:46 - Crysis Review PC Review
"Play it and cry (At its beauty)"
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations
03/01/08 21:29:40 - Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations DS Review
"In a way, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is a game that is less than the sum of its parts"
28/11/07 19:41:26 - TimeShift Xbox 360 Review
FEAR Files
28/11/07 17:03:55 - FEAR Files Xbox 360
"The only thing we should fear is F.E.A.R Files itself"
Mega Man Star Force
27/11/07 06:21:18 - Mega Man Starforce: Leo DS Review
"it's not awful, but it's not good. The problem was that I kept thinking I would get used to the quirks and I never did."
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
19/11/07 22:39:40 - Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Xbox 360 Review
"This is a game that I look forward to trying to complete. I'm sure it will take a long time, and I'm cool with that."
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
15/11/07 05:40:56 - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Xbox 360 Review
"Call of Duty 4 really is damn near perfect, and it is absolutely not to be missed."
The Witcher
08/11/07 06:39:37 - The Witcher PC Review
"A dark, gritty, atmospheric, and all round excellent take on the third person RPG genre."
Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1
08/11/07 06:29:01 - Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 PS2 Review
"In all seriousness I did have a modest amount of fun playing these games if for nothing more than basic competition."
King of Clubs
08/11/07 06:19:33 - King of Clubs
"Overall, I really enjoy King of Clubs for the PC"
Plant Tycoon
08/11/07 05:59:12 - Plant Tycoon
"An adrenaline fueled thrill ride that’s sure to leave you shaking in your seat."
Art of Fighting Anthology
08/11/07 05:33:03 - Art of Fighting Anthology
"These games noticeably improve from the original to the third but the overall gameplay just falls short of impressing even to the die-hard SNK fans."
Galactic Assault - Prisoner of Power
01/11/07 17:54:00 - Galactic Assault
"Galactic Assault is an enjoyable game for those who like turn-based strategy games but don’t be expecting anything new in the genre."
World in Conflict
19/10/07 07:57:32 - World in Conflict Review
"There should be a law against games which kick this much ass."
16/10/07 03:56:27 - Loki: Heroes of Mythology
"Without some major patching, Loki can only hope to appeal to the die hard action adventure gamer or mythology buff."
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
11/10/07 03:13:25 - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
"Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix harkens back to a golden era of hyperactive arcade play yet is perfectly enjoyable in a 3rd generation environment."
Halo 3
10/10/07 18:07:26 - Halo 3
"Halo 3 is more solid than a concrete elephant stuck between a rock and a hard place."
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
05/10/07 19:27:22 - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
"An experience worth persevering at"
18/09/07 21:09:37 - Zendoku
"Between comical mini-games, fast-paced play and an interesting core puzzle game, this scores quite well as a casual multiplayer game"
Hour of Victory
17/09/07 08:30:58 - Hour of Victory
"After all is said and done, this game is a step in the wrong direction and is a disappointment."
Diner Dash
17/09/07 08:15:53 - Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve
"I’m sure in the online version of this game, titled some variation of Diner Dash, you would just get too fed up with the game to even get this far."
17/09/07 07:31:46 - Bioshock
"My advice: Yes, go buy this game, you’ll have a wonderful time with it, but be sure to savour it"
TrackMania United
29/08/07 08:22:08 - TrackMania United
"Trackmania: United is rollercoaster of a game that should be at least tried out by anybody with even a remote interest in high-speed racing."
Hot Shots Tennis
28/08/07 00:18:56 - Hot Shots Tennis
"Anyone who has played any of the Hot Shots Golf offerings probably has a good idea of what this game has going for it. The term “cutesy” comes to mind."
Pet Alien
09/08/07 06:58:02 - Pet Alien
"All in all, it could be a game worth renting for your kids, it’s a good way to actually use their brains to solve a problem."
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
30/07/07 09:19:43 - Tomb Raider: Anniversary
"In the end all I can say is that a Tomb Raider remake is for Tomb Raider fans. Everyone else, move on."
Project Sylpheed
30/07/07 08:52:58 - Project Sylpheed
"Unless you’re really dying for an intergalactic space battle at this moment you should wait for a more polished release."
Vampire's Rain
30/07/07 08:51:02 - Vampire Rain
"Rent an old Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid if you have a craving for stealth because Vampire Rain will do nothing but disappoint."
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
11/07/07 22:21:13 - Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
"With its enthralling storyline and addictive gameplay, Resident Evil 4 is one game that should not be missed."
Colin McRae: DIRT
10/07/07 00:47:19 - Colin McRae DiRT
"Racing in DiRT will make your heart pound and your hands sweat, but at the same time you’ll be yearning to floor it all the way through."
Final Fantasy
10/07/07 00:39:42 - Final Fantasy: Anniversary Edition
"As a whole, Final Fantasy: Anniversary Edition on the PSP doesn’t cater to a huge audience."
26/06/07 17:08:38 - Shadowrun
"Gamers willing to learn the ins and outs of Shadowrun will undoubtedly have a great time"
Tenchu Z
21/06/07 20:46:29 - Tenchu Z
"It might be worth a rent if you’re looking for a change of pace, but otherwise you’re best off waiting for a more polished ninja action thriller."
Forza Motorsport 2
20/06/07 08:18:03 - Forza Motorsport 2
"Overall, it is a great racing game that no racing fan should be without"
Myst Online: Uru Live
20/06/07 08:09:59 - Uru Live
"Uru Live is worth your exploration"
SSX Blur
20/06/07 08:06:13 - SSX Blur
"SSX Blur will undoubtedly compliment any Wii gamer’s collection"
Secrets of the Ark
20/06/07 08:04:37 - Secrets of the Ark
"Although the pacing of Secrets of the Ark can at times feel slow, the light-hearted and witty attitude of the protagonist keeps things loose and entertaining."