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Quote: Diablo wannabe? YES!
Score: 4.0/10
Quote: if you like westerns, action and thorough planning and execution of missions then Desperados should definitely be something for you.
Score: 8.0/10
Quote: avid role players can enjoy about Wizardry 8; a long game with exotic locations, fun spells (of many uses) and massive weapons of many kinds
Score: 7.0/10
Quote: If there is one thing this game has tons of then it is atmosphere. In (very) short, a fan of the genre must have this game.
Score: 9.0/10
Quote: Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy reminds us that great, innovative gameplay and an engaging storyline is what makes a good game
Score: 8.0/10
Quote: This is a downright fun game
Score: 8.9/10
Quote: Any adventure game should own this charming little gem of a game.
Score: 9.0/10
Quote: definitely worth playing for any racing game fan
Score: 7.7/10
Quote: It’s incredible to see how much depth has been put into this game with such a limited development team
Score: 8.1/10
Quote: Lionheart is a decent RPG, there is no getting away from it.
Score: 7.1/10
Quote: Arx Fatalis is a good purchase that’ll probably keep you going for a solid number of hours.
Score: 8.1/10
Quote: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark is in most aspects the expansion I was waiting for.
Score: 8.2/10
Quote: I still think Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is a nice introduction to not so serious RPGs
Score: 7.3/10
Quote: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 has been a positive surprise for me. It’s a pretty fun game with a pretty good amount of replayability.
Score: 8.1/10
Quote: In terms of graphics the game looks quite good. Sacred uses 3d rendering instead of 2d sprites, and it does it well.
Score: 8.0/10
Quote: If you’re looking for a title for somebody who is new to RPG’s, this may be a decent starter title for them to get their feet wet.
Score: 5.3/10
Quote: Dungeon Siege 2 does what sequels should do...
Score: 8.2/10