Bubble Bobble Plus!
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 18245
Date N/A
Date N/A
Originally released in 1986, BUBBLE BOBBLE became an instant hit in arcades around the world. Now BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! gives a new dimension to the classic action with its four-person multiplayer mode along with a global ranking system. BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! offers endless fun with 400 challenging rounds in different game modes. All of the memorable characters that players know and love will be joined by new enemy characters that stand in the way of victory.

Relive the classic arcade game with the 200 rounds provided in Standard Mode and Super Standard Mode.
Defeat new bosses and explore all-new maps with the 200 rounds in Arrange Mode and Super Arrange Mode, discovering clues in each round to unravel a hidden story.
Experience four-person multiplayer gameplay for the first time in BUBBLE BOBBLE history.
Challenge high scores around the world in Ranking Mode and become the best BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! player in the world!
Download two Expert modes as add-on content for 100 extra rounds.
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