Caveman Rock
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Caveman Rock is a casual time puzzler in which the player has to fire coloured rocks via the DS touch screen or the Wii mote to a targeted position. Explode the coloured lava rocks below before they reach the top line. The lava rocks slowly increase their rate of decent as the game progresses and with the added threat of various wacky obstacles getting in your way it is a challenge that will put pressure on all levels of gamer. Also included is the ability for the player to accumulate money which can be used to buy added help from your friendly dinosaur and record your high score.

Four modes of play - Story Mode, Survival Mode, Puzzle Mode and Time Attack - with a specific mode for Multiplayer gaming

Customisable sound effects and music

Highly intuitive and accurate control system

99 levels in Story Mode & 50 in Puzzle Mode

A true pick up and play feel; suitable for anyone and will leave the player addicted and wanting more

High quality graphics with rendering technique - the player will enjoy the pleasing and relaxed game atmosphere

Flexible difficulty and challenge at the same time. No tedium from playing Caveman
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