Cocoto Platform Jumper
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 24990
Date 2009-06-19
Date 2009-06-19
Featuring 40 challenging vertical levels across 5 vibrant worlds, Cocoto Platform Jumper follows the cute little demon Cocoto and his little devil friends on their latest adventure. Living peacefully in the depths of Hell, everything changes when Zaron, God of Lightning, snatches them away to his faraway kingdom. Managing to get away, Cocoto is now in a race against time to rescue his captive friends before it is too late!

Straight in to the action gameplay
40 vertical levels with sliding or burning platforms, multiple bonuses and power-ups, and fiendish traps
5 vibrant worlds including Heaven and Hell, inhabited by 20 hostile creatures
5 bosses to defeat, each one progressively more challenging
3 difficulty levels
Challenge your friends and family in two-player Battle mode, or play with to 4 players on Racing mode
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