Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2006-12-19
Publisher Konami
Date 2007-03-30
Publisher Konami
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell:The Wii plays host to another totally unique game as you hunt for the electric elebits with a gravity gun that can send everything from teapots to family cars flying. Making a mess was never so much fun!The lowdown:Konami have been one of the most reticent of the big Japanese publishers, in being coaxed away from just supporting the PlayStation. But with their first game on the Wii there's no sign of Solid Snake or Silent Hill. Instead they've created something entirely original, although its influences are as diverse as Pikmin and Half-Life 2. The game has you collecting the cut little elebits who remain hidden in each level. In order to coax them out you have a gravity gun with which you can manipulate the environment, from opening draws and cupboards to flinging around lawnmowers and dunking basketballs. The more elebits you collect the heavier the objects your can move, from pots and pans in the beginning to whole houses by the end of a level!Most exciting moment:As well as just being able to lift heavier objects gradually charging up your gun allows you to power electrical equipment. Stick a chicken in the microwave or start the garden sprinklers and dozens of elebits are revealed. This eventually leads to some surprisingly complex puzzles and ensures almost everything in a level is interactive to some degree.Since you ask:The game will have a multiplayer mode, with four people competing to collect the most elebits they can find. However only one person gets to control the camera (via the nunchuck) which is bound to lead to arguments.The bottom line:Konami get creative with another totally unique Wii game.- HARRISON DENT

- Console Video Game
- For Nintendo Wii
- Use the innovative Wii controller to interact with the environment in your search for Elebits.
- Use captured Elebits and their power-generating abilities to open up additional options.
- Quietly sneak up on the Elebits or create a commotion to scare them out of their hiding places.
- Game Genre: Action/Adventure; Game Sub-Genre: Action
- Published by Konami
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