FaceBreaker K.O. Party
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2008-11-11
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2008-11-11
Publisher Electronic Arts
FaceBreaker K.O. Party brings the magic of social play right into your living room! Built exclusively with Wii™ consumers in mind, K.O. Party offers several unique mode, eye-popping stylized graphics and intuitive gestures that let you pick-up-and-punch!
Pull the lever on the Punch-O-Matic to experience the wackiest boxing match ever. With power ups dropping in the ring mid-fight, no bout will ever be the same. Grab your three favorite boxers and jump into a team boxing tournament where the last boxer standing wins in the T.K.O. Mode – don't be too hasty though because there is strategy here – the damage from one bout will carry over to the next.

• FaceBreaker—Go from a couple of quick punches to unleashing the ultimate combos – ground, bone, sky and face breakers – and enjoy the satisfaction of deforming your opponents face.
• Pick up and Punch— The core fighting mechanic was developed with three keys in mind; responsive, approachable and layered. Grab the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to string together haymakers, face shots and body blows. Dodge and parry until you find the right moment to drop a breaker to make your presence known.
• Mess your Face—After you beat your opponent to the mat add the ultimate humiliation by using your Wii Remote and brand your victory all over your opponents broken face
• Punch-O-Matic—Pull the lever on the craziest boxing match machine you have ever seen. From random power ups dropping into the ring to various handicaps and strengths given to each boxer. Unpredictable is the name of this game
• 12 New Friends to Call Your Own— If you are struggling to find friends in the real world, and even if you're not, 12 outlandish characters await for you to play with and against – each with unique attributes and character-specific special attacks.
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