Fishie Fishie
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Fishie Fishie starts with a comprehensive tutorial that allows the player to discover immediately how much fun the game is going to be. To control their agile fishie with just one button, players will have to develop a sense of rhythm, razor-sharp reflexes and learn to anticipate potential hazards. And team play is a guaranteed blast with laughs aplenty! Even the most experienced players will have to adapt in order to succeed.And once everyone’s at the top of their game it’s time for the ultimate challenge: win the 21 available rewards as quickly as possible. Each action is timed, each second counts. You’ll need strategy to keep matches as short as possible and beat the record.

• Use just one button.
• 1-4 players on the same screen.
• 6 game modes: Capture the Star, Soccer, Story, Survival, Skill Run and Championship.
• Intense, addictive action
• Can be played using either the Wii Remote or the Nunchuk
• Low price point (500 Wii Points)
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