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Date N/A
Glacier2 is an aracde combat racing game. Make sure you are faster then your opponents or you can blow them to bits with an arsenal of weaponry. Make your way across the ice, survive incredible jumps, and eliminate your opponents.

Glacier2 offers an advanced effectsystem specially designed for Nintendo Wii to bring the arcade-action really alive! Various insane vehicles are yours to choose from, all with their own characteristics and weapons. Snipers, shotguns, machineguns, chainguns, everything is possible as long as it does heavy damage.

- Over the top combat racing action.
- Incredible jumps
- 7 tuned superrides, all equipped with various, deadly weapons from rockets to machineguns and from shotguns to mines.
- 18 Freezing cold levels full of traps, cliffs, mines, falling rocks, canyons and spectacular jumps.
- Full support for Nintendo Wii Remote
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