Jam City Rollergirls
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 12093
Date 2010-01-24
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-01-24
Publisher N/A
At the risk of repeating ourselves, JAM CITY ROLLERGIRLS is Earth's first roller derby video game of consequence, and will be released JAN 24 2011 for the Nintendo WiiWare™ Service. The game will be DOWNLOAD ONLY because parking at stores is such a pain, so you'll need to hook your Nintendo Wii System up to the internet in order to purchase and download the game, which is actually so easy even we could do it. Best of all, the game will only set you back 1000 dollars! Wait, we meant 1000 Wii Points™, not 1000 dollars. 1000 Wii Points™ is like 10 dollars, not 1000 dollars. We regret the error, although we were sort of close.

* The Texecutioners
* The “Godmothers of Flat-Track Derby,” Austin’s Texecutioners were the sport’s first-ever champions, and the best-conditioned team in the game. Texas are viewed as either legends or nightmares – sometimes both at the same time.

* 0 Dinah Mite
* 00 Sparkle Plenty
* 3e8 Rice Rocket
* 40 Bloody Mary
* .44 Derringer
* 56 Lucille Brawl
* Rat City Rollergirls
* Young, Fast, and Scientific, the Rat City Rollergirls are possessed of blazing speed and are led by D-Bomb, one of the game’s premier field generals. Rat City prefers to win with speed rather than with muscle, although they’re not adverse to mixing it up on occasion.

+ 0 Ann R. Kissed
+ 8 D-Bomb
+ 16 Burnett Down
* 29 Rettig To Rumble
* 99 Miss Fortune
* 3000 Valtron 3000
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