Monster 4x4 World Circuit
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2006-12-08
Publisher Ubisoft
In a nutshell:Steer the Wii towards more driving action as giant monster trucks fly through the air with the greatest of ease and then crash flaming barrels into their opponents when they land.The lowdown:It's not the only 4x4 game on the Wii, but where Excite Truck aims for completely unrealistic jumps and ridiculous speed this ploughs its own path (usually right through the opposition). Here the courses are more traditional as you powerslide round corners and jump off-road for a quick short cut. The biggest boost is to be had by performing stunts when in the air though, via a quick waggle of the Wii Remote. Land safely when you're finished and you'll get a significant speed boost, but if that's not enough for you there's also various flaming barrels standing around the course for you to shunt into your opponent and even things out even more. To ensure you can abuse human players as well as the computer there's also a handy split screen multiplayer mode as well.Most exciting moment:As a special extra the game comes bundled with a unique steering wheel attachment that clips around the Wii Remote so that it looks and feels more like a real steering wheel - it even works with any other game where you hold the Remote horizontally.Since you ask:An Xbox version of the game was released in March 2006, but only in America. The Wii version reuses only the basic concept and graphics, with much of the rest of the game being completely remade.The bottom line:Another driving feather for the Wii's surprisingly full racing cap.-HARRISON DENT
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