Phantom Brave: We Meet Again
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher NIS America Inc
Date N/A
Publisher NIS America Inc
Phantom Brave is a turn based strategy RPG that incorporates unique battle styles and a hardcore character customization system. Players can create units from a number of list of monster/ghost categories and power them up to a exponential number.

There are two main phases to Phantom Brave’s battle system. The first phase is the Confine phase. Marona the protagonist of this game can summon ghosts and monsters as battle units to fight for her. However, in order to do so she must “confine” souls in to you use as the host the stats of the units you summon will greatly differ. Some units are objects on the battlefield like rocks, plants, and items. Depending on what you object become stronger on certain objects, so knowing your spirits’ characteristics becomes a very important strategic element.

All new story chapters
Improved graphics
Redesigned User Interface
Extra items, skills, and characters
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