Tournament of Legends
Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 8020
Date 2010-05-25
Publisher Sega
Date 2010-05-28
Publisher Sega
Tournament of Legends offers a 3D fighting experience for one or two players, featuring a host of fighters based on legends from world mythology: the Minotaur, a powerful Gladiator, a mighty Valkyrie and other well known and awe-inspiring characters. Take these fighters to epic battles in fantastic fighting arenas where the combatants wield legendary weapons, launch magical attacks and dodge giant mythological creatures that protect their lairs. Master a range of incredible combat moves; including unleashing a man-eating lion, summoning a deadly rain of arrows and throwing a nest of venomous snakes.

Huge, fully animated 3D characters.
Head and body armour damage that can be repaired in-battle.
10 enormous legends: Minotaur, Gladiator, Valkyrie, Stone Golem, Gorgon, Sun Goddess , Demon, Bronze Man, plus 2 unlockable legends - the Skeleton Warrior and the God of Death.
10 blade weapons for single and two-handed fighting.
40 fully-animated magical attacks; 10 Weapon Enchantments. Unleash a lion, Thor's fist, Jupiter's Storm, a nest of snakes, lightening strikes and more.
Trade weapons and enchantments with other characters.
Enter the Interactive Training arena to hone your skills.
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