U-Sing Girls Night
Genre Action -> Dancing
Today's Rank 18757
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-06-18
Publisher Mindscape
U-Sing Girls Night United Kingdom Retail Box ArtU-Sing Girls Night, is the sequel to U-Sing U’ve Got Talent, which was the best selling karaoke game on Wii for Christmas 2009. U-Sing Girls Night is the first karaoke title to exclusively feature 28 of the world’s biggest female artists. The new title will feature official songs and videos from Universal Music’s extensive catalogue, with a sneak peak of 10 of the 30 tracks listed below.

U-Sing Girls Night will feature tracks from the world’s current leading female artists. The title will also feature some golden oldies, ensuring all age groups will enjoy a fun girls night in!
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U-Sing Girls Night United Kingdom Retail Box Art