007 Everything or Nothing
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2004-02-18
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-02-27
Publisher Electronic Arts
007 Everything or Nothing 007 Everything or Nothing United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBilled as the first James Bond film in video-game form, Everything or Nothing certainly doesn't lack in cinematic presentation. For starters it's got a cast of A-list Hollywood stars that most real movies would be jealous of, including Dame Judi Dench, John Cleese, Willem Dafoe, Shannon Elizabeth, Heidi Klum and, of course, Pierce Brosnan. There's even a title song from Mya and fully licensed Q-enhanced vehicles such as the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and the Triumph Daytona 600 motorcycle. In terms of gameplay though Everything or Nothing is far less extravagant. In contrast to previous Bond games it's viewed from a third-person perspective and looks and plays not unlike a more action-packed version of Splinter Cell. There are problems with the entirely manual camera system though--particularly the lock-on for the aiming system, which is frustratingly random in choosing which bad guy you target. The vehicle sections, which use the same graphics engine as Need for Speed Underground, are less obstreperous and offer some of the most genuinely enjoyable moments as you hurtle in pursuit of bad guys riding heavily armed cars, motorbikes and helicopters. Additionally, both on foot and when driving, the game gives you the chance to trigger "Bond moments" when you find shortcuts or dispatch bad guys in particularly imaginative ways. Everything or Nothing is perhaps the ultimate example of style over substance in video games, but there's just enough of the latter to ensure that everyone but the most pernickety of gamers will find something to enjoy. --David Jenkins

- The action and adventure has never been so intense - As Bond, you'll do everything from rappel down walls to controlling robots to chasing villains at over 100MPH
- New action for Bond, to help him survive shootouts - Duck or hug the wall for cover, then use the new targeting system to disable enemies
- Players can interact with Q and M -- voiced by the real actors who play them
- Think like Bond - To win you'll have to use physical skills, clever disguises, and a bold personality to save the world
- All-new amazing gadgets, straight from the lab -- like the Q-Spider, a robot that offers a new kind of gameplay
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007 Everything or Nothing North America Retail Box Art

007 Everything or Nothing United Kingdom Retail Box Art