ATV Quad Power Racing 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 17034
Date 2003-11-15
Publisher N/A
Date 2003-02-28
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtThe arcade-style ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 is as much about big air and reckless hotdogging as it is about crossing the finish line. To make any progress in this game, you must not only win races, but master increasingly complicated tricks and combos. Taking the time to master tricks pays off in the end--there are no shortage of locked features that open up with each advance in skill. The game incorporates a wide array of well-rendered racers, vehicles, and locations. The various racing courses are elaborate and nicely detailed. You can knock competitors out of your way by administering a solid kick while passing--not exactly sportsmanlike behavior, but gratifyingly reminiscent of the classic Road Rash. For tricksters and stunt-riders, the freestyle arenas offer a candy store of possibilities. But the standout feature is the physics model behind the game. The overall handling and responsiveness of the vehicles is surprisingly realistic--even the controller vibration is more convincingly incorporated than in other racing games. Some finesse is required to pull off even the simpler tricks, and as with the real thing, it's easy to lose control of these powerful machines. --Maile Bohlmann Pros: Great graphics Realistic physics and handling Fun multiplayer and freestyle modes Lots of unlockable bonuses Cons: Music is grating, annoying Offensive moves (i.e. kicking) are underdeveloped Training/practice modes are oversimplified

- Race against multitudes of other racers, while you pull off the tricks and stunts that build your points
- As you race you'll have to pull of stunts -- but the challenge is landing them without being thrown off your bike
- Dangerous ramps, jumps, tight turns and other racers are waiting to give you a hard time and keep you from reaching first place
- Use your boost at just the right moment to get ahead and earn the title of Champion!
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