Barbie Horse Adventures Wild Horse Rescue
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North America Retail Box ArtOne of the rare Xbox games aimed at young girls, Wild Horse Rescue offers the irresistible combination of Barbie, horses, and dress-up--who could resist? Barbie and her friends arrive at Silver Valley Stables for some R&R only to find that a storm has set the horses free and it's up to Barbie to bring them back safely. Barbie sets off on 10 different trails (forest, snowy mountains, coast), crossing rivers, avoiding bears and skunks, and dodging branches and rolling logs that might knock her off her horse. She also saves foals, solves puzzles, races her friends, and collects coins and other items that can unlock new outfits! If this all sounds a bit too precious for words, it is, but bear in mind that the aforementioned target audience will get less pleasure from the on-trail quest than from changing Barbie's and her horse's outfits before each ride. (You can also change the horse's color, mane, tail, etc.) The music is soft, the sun glistening on the water is beautiful, and the game is about as gentle as could be. --David Horiuchi Pros: A rare Xbox game with young girls in mind. Not violent, and minimal peril Outfits, outfits, outfits! Cons Younger players will find it hard to maneuver the horse, especially backwards Male observers might be driven screaming from the room during the umpteenth outfit change

- Race after missing wild horses: Carefully lasso each one, and lead them to safety.
- Customize your horse: Give it a name, and pick its riding rack, saddle, and coat.
- Explore a real-time 3-D world: Gallop through river valleys, trot carefully across cracking ice, and more.
- Gain special skills: For example, you can gallop as you collect power-ups.
- Nurture lost baby horses: Pet and coax them to safety.
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