Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2004-11-05
Publisher Viva Media
Date 2005-09-09
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtJump into chess action, move by move, to rescue Chesster from deep within King Black's Castle. Join Fritz and Bianca in a thrilling chess adventure as they venture within the walls of the black castle where each challenge will help you sharpen your skills and prepare for the ultimate showdown. Learn about openings, pinning, delivering check, attacking, protecting and more.

- A new chess adventure with Fritz, Bianca, and Chesster
- Covers openings, middle game tactics, endgames, pinning, and more
- Over 20 mini games within the game for practice
- Powered by "Fritz", the world's leading chess software
- For kids ages 8 and up
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