Blade 2
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 21843
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date 2002-09-27
Publisher Activision
Warning! Those are not vampires coming up behind you, but purveyors of a cheap movie tie-in game. Blade 2 thinks that if it gives you some punk-rock bad guys and the mocking guidance of Whistler you're likely to be satisfied. And some will be. But the rest of us will be scratching our heads, wondering why Blade looks like a beefy Will Smith (instead of the lean-yet-muscular Wesley Snipes) and sounds like Some Guy They Got For Cheap, instead of a reasonable impersonator. Action-adventure gamers know the deal before the game even starts: strafe with bullets, special attack, punch and kick, complete missions. That's all well and good. This game earns its 15 rating with a particularly gross attack--a stab to the top of the head that seems to be Blade's specialty. (There are also plenty of swear words.) With a smidge of gore and an uninspired plot, Blade 2 is a game for fans only. --Jennifer Buckendorff
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