Blood Wake
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date 2002-03-14
Blood Wake makes a refreshing change from the wash of other combat games out there. The main difference being all the action takes place on water. A simple idea granted, but one that is highly enjoyable. This is not the deepest of games, so don't expect any mind-expanding missions, just good old-fashioned mayhem and destruction. Jump straight in and grab yourself a speedboat loaded full of weapons and embark on a variety of death matches. Pit your wits against the AI opponents or throw down the gauntlet with a bunch of fellow gamers. Chose from a variety of weather conditions, sit back and enjoy the ride. Or enter the story mode and begin your voyage of discovery and revenge. Set out to impress your new boss by bobbing around varied missions tearing up the shoreline and blowing your enemies out of the water. Progress through the missions and prepare for some tough opposition as you fight the Jade Kingdom and battle to turn the tide. Due to the hefty power of the Xbox, the game looks fantastic and handles even better. This game is fast and furious and packs a punch. Prepare for some gun-toting action and leave your enemies drowning in your bloody wake. --Rob Holliday

- Pounding waves, enemy fire, intrigue, betrayal - you’ll have to face them all in this blazing gunboat combat epic
- Choose one of ten gunboats to captain and arm yourself with a variety of torpedos, missiles, rocket launchers and more
- Play against other in split-screen multi-player mode, or embark on more than 25 single-player missions
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