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Publisher Acclaim
Date 2002-12-06
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtNote: This game contains nudity, adult language, and other content that is intended only for ages 17 or older. BMX XXX is more than just a freestyle extreme-sports game. Along with eight BMX levels where players compete for points on grinds, jumps, and other tricks, the game boasts scripted comedic events by Hollywood writers and unlockable footage of dancers from New York's Scores nightclub. The third-generation BMX engine features more than 2,000 different tricks, split-screen multiplayer modes like Paint Ball BMX and Strip BMX, and a create-a-rider feature.

- In this hilariously dirty game, you're a BMX racer who makes it his business to do the wildest things possible -- on or off a bike!
- In the course of over 100 missions, you'll have to talk to pimps, homeless guys, strippers and more crazy characters, to unlock missions & awesome trick combos
- Collect coins as you race and do tricks -- then spend 'em at strip clubs and watch the boobies fly
- All kinds of silly, dirty jokes, images like dog humping and poop on the street, sure to make your BMX racing funnier than ever
- This is also one of the first games to make heavy use of the new ghost riding technique that's getting popular in the BMX world
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