Brute Force
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2003-06-20
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBrute Force has taken a long time to wash up on our shores, and comparisons to Halo have been fuelling anticipation for this long-awaited title. The question on everyone's mind is has it been worth the wait? At first glance the answer is no; it has the graphics and polish to rival Halo, but somehow seems to lack the bite. Comparisons aside, Brute Force should be viewed on its own merits. Like most third-person shooters the basics never change, go from one point to the next leaving a path of death and destruction behind you--but the longer you play it the more rewarding it becomes. As part of an elite fighting force know as Brute Force, you begin as the sole member Tex, progress through the levels and unlock three more characters Brutus, Flint and Hawk, each with their own unique ability. From rage, stealth and sniper to all-out guns blazing, the choice is yours--put all this together and you have an unstoppable crack unit. Once you have all four unlocked, the additional element of strategy is introduced, and the beauty of this strategy is that it is simple and quick to grasp. The commands although basic keep up the pace of the game so you can quickly switch from one character to the next without numerous button combinations. The fact that all the members of Brute Force are clones and that there is an inexhaustible supply of each member, means once your team have been wiped out you can carry on from where you left off, rather than restarting each level. Brute Force is not another Halo, nor should it be. With 18 single-player missions, numerous multi-player options and downloadable content from Xbox Live, it's one of the best titles on the Xbox. --Robert Holliday

- Each memeber has unique abilities - use stealth, tactics, sniping, or overwhelming force to handle the toughest combat around
- Weapons and equipment galore -- choose from 29 different types of weapons, 4 types of grenades and all kinds of equipment. The deadliest weapons in the universe are at your disposal
- Use each commando wisely - control them all independently and use their weapons & skills, combined with your strategic skills, to battle impossible odds and come out on top
- Create your own co-op and deathmatch games for up to four players -- each member can choose which commando to control, and jump in & out of the game at any time
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