Burnout: Revenge
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2006-06-15
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2005-09-23
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEven amongst EA’s own stable of titles, Burnout is regarded by many as the best arcade racer of them all and this fourth iteration, subtitled Revenge, looks like being a solid addition to the line. It seems to have wisely realised that the best bit in any of the Burnout games is the amount of destruction you can cause as you race and that all that winning a race malarkey is almost a secondary concern. A new revenge meter tracks exactly how much damage you cause as you play skittles with traffic and try to cause as big a pile-up as possible--an activity that is encouraged even further in the new Traffic Attack mode. The actual revenge of the title though comes into play when you prang a specific rival one too many times and they start to take a personal interest in seeing your car go up in flames. Although it doesn’t seem as if the graphics have changed all that much since the last game the level design has certainly become more inventive with huge multi-layer track layouts reminiscent of arcade classic Rave Racer--tearing along an overpass to fall vertically down three levels straight onto an opponent’s bonnets is pretty special. Although surviving any of the game’s crashes would be impossible in real-life it has become slightly more realistic in other areas with more car deformation than before and real cities, including Detroit, Rome and Tokyo. Whether the appallingly annoying DJ from the last game is still in it though remains to be seen…--Harrison DentThis preview is based on an incomplete version of the game; features or problems mentioned above may not appear in the finished game.

- The all-new revenge meter tracks underhanded tactics and leads gamers toward payback
- Every vehicle on the road is in play -- ram traffic into your rivals, slam cars into pile-ups
- Traffic Attack pits gamers against the clock - level it by any means necessary
- Grudge Match lets you take care of enemies
- Features multi-level tracks designed for fighting at top speed
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