Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2002-09-20
North America Retail Box ArtIn Chase you play the role of femme fatal stunt driver, Chase Corrada. The format is nothing particularly new, a series of missions sees that you put the reckless driver through her paces and thus build up her reputation on four movie shoots; an Asian city, post apocalyptic scene, a 1920's gangster set and an Ecuadorian jungle spy-thriller movie. Each scene has a number of stunts that you can choose to perform in the course of the mission, along with a single 'required' stunt at the end. Complete the last stunt and you've successfully finished the mission regardless of whether you manage any of the other stunts; you can then go back over the mission as many times as you want to attempt the optional stunts. The more you complete, the more points you get, and the more new movies, scenes and modes you unlock. This is a cross between Crazy Taxi and extreme sports sims such as SSX Tricky and is actually a good fun, action packed game in its own right. The fact that you can go back and do the level again as much as you want to explore the mission to unlock multiplayer modes and get more items adds to the replayability and stops any frustration that you might get from "failing" repeatedly. Graphically it looks great: only the sound lets it down with weak effects, but despite this, Chase is an entertaining and fast-paced ride. --Harry Trent

- Help Chase Corrada speed after her dream to be Hollywood's greatest stunt driver
- Fly through four unique movie sets, crash through obstacles, perform crowd-pleasing aerobatics
- Fifteen tasty cars to drive including a sports cars, a three-wheel Tuk-Tuk car, a military jeep, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and more
- Play in career, Challenge and Multiplay modes
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