Circus Maximus
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2002-06-28
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtCharioteers, are you ready? Prepare to enter the age of the Roman Empire. Choose your chariot and horses well, as you embark on your mission to become the greatest charioteer of all time. Pit your wits against opponents from all over the known globe and earn your chance to fight in the greatest arena of all Circus Maximums. No charioteer would be complete without his training. Sallus will instruct you in the fine art of combat. First you will learn to be a master behind the reigns, avoiding obstacles controlling your chariot so that you are ready for your first taste of the arena. Advance through the training and you'll be ready to hone your skills for this dual action combat. Mastered the chariot? Now control the dextrous warrior fighting your way to victory on the back of it. Combine these well and you might stand a chance of reaching your next challenge. Slice and dice you're way through three opponents to cross the line first and collect that all important dinari. Once unlocked you have the opportunity of some multiplayer action, get ready to leave your fellow players eating dirt as you race to yet another victory in this bloodthirsty sport. If you're looking for something different then this is for you. Circus Maximums combines the dual skills of racing and fighting, with the added value of a great historical backdrop. Granted this may not be the best-looking game on a next-generation console but, given the chance, it's a game brimming with Imperial atmosphere. So if you feel like a challenge and want to impress the great Emperor himself, prepare your chariot and enter the arena. --Rob Holiday

- Race your chariot through the streets of the ancient Roman Empire, through a variety of tracks and environments
- Choose your chariot and a warrior to help fend off contenders
- Game tests balance and precision as your race the light-weight but easily turned chariots
- Includes 2 head-to-head multiplayer modes and 4-player cooperative multiplayer mode
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