Prepare for an out-of-this-world 3-D flying experience with the remake of the arcade classic Defender. Players must defend and protect the human race from an alien invasion as they assume the controls of next-generation combat-ready Defender ships. Battling an onslaught of vicious aliens, players strategically pilot their ships through more than 14 treacherous missions spanning the solar system, executing dynamic tactical maneuvers such as barrel rolls, 360-degree loops, and spinning reversals in order to evade the enemy.

- KMFDM and Trigger provide hard, pulsating rhythms that lend an even more realistic feel to the int
- Fend off the alien advance on the various planets and moons of the solar system including Venus, M
- Engage the alien invaders in Single-Player Campaign Mode or Two-Player Cooperative Campaign Mode
- Choose from six different types of ships, from heavily-armed bombers to quick and stealthy fighter
- Upgrade your ship between missions and earn multiple power-ups including shields, advanced weapons
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