Die Hard Vendetta
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2003-07-11
Publisher V.U.G.
Die Hard Vendetta Die Hard Vendetta United Kingdom Retail Box ArtVivendi (71623) X Die Hard Vendetta GC

- New Storyline featuring the characters from the original film, new characters and the actual voice of Reginald Vel Johnson, Officer Powell from the Die Hard film.
- Hero Mode As John McClane you take on multiple bad guys at one time as you fire off 6 shots before your enemy can shoot even once.
- Advanced AI Enemies hide behind corners when reloading and react differently according to where they are hit. Be careful - they will not think twice about killing hostages if you make a wrong move.
- Weaponry Dual weapons for more fire power and an awesome arsenal including night vision goggles, a sniper rifle, uzis and more.
- Stealth Gameplay Use enemy hostages in order to save others and take out enemies.
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Die Hard Vendetta North America Retail Box Art

Die Hard Vendetta United Kingdom Retail Box Art