Dr Muto
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAs Dr. Muto, players forge through 22 vast levels on four distinct planet scapes: from the junkyard world of Totltec, to the half-drowned water world of Aquem, through the smog-choked skies of Flotos, and finally, to the forbidden mines of Mazon. Armed with his newest invention, the Splizz-gun, Dr. Muto morphs into a variety of DNA-spliced-up creatures including an alien spider, miniature mouse, and hulking gorilla. By morphing, Dr. Muto gains each creature's abilities and physical attributes--such as the ability to cling to webs, squeeze into tight spaces, or breathe underwater--all to better crush, outwit, and outlast ten different enemies.

- When a maniacal mad scientist accidentally destroys his home planet (whoops!) he must morph into a series of creatures to make things right
- Be a spider, a gorilla, or anything in-between as you shift shapes and pack a variety of mad-scientist friendly weapons, including the famous Splizz Gun
- Travel the wild worlds of the underwater Aquem to the mysterious mines of Mazon
- Thwart flocks of feisty enemies such as the vicious Rent-a-Cops, the "Charks", and your evil rival Professor Burnitall
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