Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 2516
Date 2004-06-21
Publisher Atari
Date 2004-06-25
Publisher Atari
Driv3r Driv3r United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWhether chasing down a criminal on foot or flying through alleyways in a high-speed car chase you'll need brains and brawn to survive Driv3r! Features an incredible storyline to immerse you in stylized action. Gameplay involves hair-raising missions both on foot and in vehicles with a plethora of weaponry to remedy tight situations. Driv3r's detailed cities boast over 30-square miles of drivable roads!

- Action driving game
- Go deep undercover in Miami, Nice, and Istanbul
- Detailed cities feature approximately 30 square miles of roads each
- Both in-car and on-foot missions
- For 1 player
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Driv3r North America Retail Box Art

Driv3r United Kingdom Retail Box Art