ESPN NBA Basketball
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 23830
Date 2006-09-08
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtWelcome to a new kind of hardwood. Turn on the skills of the next generation and experience the new NBA attitude with ESPN NBA Basketball. Start with fanatical crowds, blinding lights and deafening sounds that set the stage for each competitive match-up! Heart pounding and filling with anxiety, it's now time for you to step on the court with a "lets play" swagger! You got game, so rise above the rest and throw down rim rattling slams, dish spine chilling passes and be a part of the athletic exp

- With franchise mode, 30 different players can now maintain and manage NBA franchises on one saved game
- An exceptional graphic system offers improved realism with natural-looking players with better game lighting
- Authentic ESPN look with detailed visuals, stat overlays, replays, and picture-in-picture introductions
- A significantly faster-paced basketball experience with more action and incredibly smooth animations
- Achieve total game control with unbelievable dribble moves, exceptional passing control, and split-second defensive reactions
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