Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick
Genre Action -> Action
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Publisher THQ
Date 2003-06-27
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAsh, the chainsaw-appendaged anti-hero of the Evil Dead series is back in this third-person action adventure. Carrying on from where Evil Dead 2 ended and after a great cut sequence, in which all hell is unleashed on the local TV station, the wisecracking supermarket employee begins his quest to rid the town of Dearborn of the flesh-eating Deadites once and for all. This is classic hack-and-slash action. You run around various locations killing anything undead that gets in the way of your weapon. Zombies come at you with regularity and most drop power-ups from ammo to health and manna for spell casting. Ash has a "to do" list and this is your cue as to where to go next in the game. These missions can either be given to you by NPCs, such as the cops who stop you getting into the Kitten Club, to long-term goals such as getting into the TV station. The first problem is that this makes for a pretty linear experience. Secondly, the puzzles are slightly obtuse. Don't assume that a locked door needs a key or you'll be running around for hours killing every zombie that jumps you in the hope that one of them will drop it. Ash can use spells and dynamite as well as keys to open doors, the trouble is you don't often know which is the right way and there are few hints in the game itself. Lastly, there is no map. This is rather a blow considering the sometimes confusing camera angles and similarity of the backdrops. But on the plus side the levels are relatively small and there are plenty of zombies to kill as you navigate your way round. Graphically it lacks some of the pizzazz of Resident Evil, but the real reason to play is the scourge of the undead--Ash and luckily he's voiced by the man himself, Bruce Campbell. Fans of the series will enjoy the wry humour and zombie-eradicating goodness, but action aficionados might be left wanting more than the one-liners and samey gameplay.--Kristen Bowditch

- Cult Favorite, Bruce Campbell returns to voice the role of Ash, delivering the taunts and one-liners that Ash is famous for.
- Vortexes to the past and future take you to Dearborn in 4 distinct eras, with the history of the deadite invasion unfolding before you.
- Two armed attacks allow you to control multiple weapons simultaneously deliver blows with your chainsaw and then finish them off with your boomstick.
- Multiple classes of weapons include clubs, blades, and firearms
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