FIFA 2006
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 28829
Date 2005-10-05
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2005-09-30
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: It’s been a national institution for over decade now and the latest FIFA game is finally here, with lots more attacking gameplay, more customisation, more attention to detail, more online and offline multiplayer options and the deepest manager mode ever for the series. The lowdown: With Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series snapping at its heels with ever more voracity, suddenly it’s FIFA that’s got something to prove. The answer for this year’s edition is a new emphasis on attacking play, with a suite of new tackling, dribbling and shielding controls. Naturally, it’s got all the new stats for the 05/06 season, but with the new create-a-player option you can change the facts to fit you. Also new is a 15 year career manager mode to prove your footballing skills don’t end when you’re off the pitch. Most exciting moment: Winning the treble after 15 years of hard graft in the all new career mode. Since you ask: According to cover star Wayne Rooney, the FIFA series is popular with many other premiership players, especially when travelling together for away matches. The bottom line: The best FIFA game, if not the best football game, ever. Harrison Dent Wayne didn't realise falling asleep in a nuclear reactor would have side effects EA were keen to show they were on the ball More Rooney, here having an existential crisis Wayne to go! I only have eyes for Roo! etc. etc.

- Challenging team chemistry keeps teams in the game, pulling together when the game gets rough
- New advantage rule and improved set piece rules give you more flexibility -- now you can experiment with throw-ins, play short corner and more
- Try manager mode in the FIFA Lounge -- pick a team, pick tactics, handle licensing & keep player chemistry as high as possible
- As you win against tougher and tougher teams, you'll earn points you can spend on improved skills, special tricks and more
- Unlock player interviews, classic footage of the greatest goals in soccer history, even a playable version of FIFA '94
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