Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date 2006-09-08
Publisher THQ
Date 2006-06-23
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtFull Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers improves on the ground-breaking and authentic military gaming experience, with more squad-based/real-time tactical combat. As squad leader, you'll coordinate the actions of multiple infantry squads, leading them through a variety of hostile environments. Outthink, outmaneuver and outgun enemies through more than 12 levels of intense urban warfare. Use real-world combat tactics to command infantry squads, ranging from US Light Infantry and US Ranger Forces to Multi-National UN Coalition Forces as you face deadly enemies. With an enhanced multiplayer mode, players can go online and battle through new head-to-head and team-based objective missions. Play in Co-Op mode, or go head-to-head with other players or team up for objective based missions

- Suppress and disband insurgent forces with the latest weapons and equipment - all based on real-world military weaponry
- Control mechanized units like Bradley Tanks and Armored Humvees, in intense squad-based combat
- Genre-bending gameplay delivers the most realistic infantry combat experience ever, combining squad-based combat and real-time tactical action
- New strategy features include the ability to enter interior environments and position sniper teams, save and protect hostages and control additional fire teams (Charlie and Delta)
- Command responsibility - The lives of the squad members lie in the players every movement and decision; in-game replay Video system, allows players to evaluate their squad's combat effectiveness and learn from mistakes
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