Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2003-11-21
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAn epic gladiatorial saga comes to life in this combat/role-playing game with a sweeping narrative, stunning environments, and insanely detailed graphics. In the fantasy world of the game, the darkness of the Great War has passed and the lands of Gladius are peaceful once more. Now combat takes place only in the gladiator arenas, where schools from around the world compete for the title of Imperial Champions. You follow the grand saga of two young heroes, Ursula and Valens, as they recruit and train a team of warriors and compete in the gladiator games. Battle with deadly weapons and powerful magic as you learn vital combat tactics while you enhance and customize your own characters. Strategic possibilities are nearly endless, with 16 character classes and over 100 unique character types from which to choose.

- Following a great war, combat is relegated to the gladiator arenas. Schools from around the world compete for the title of Imperial Champions. Guide two young warriors, Ursula and Valens, as they gather warriors to earn that title in the arena!
- This amazing combination of combat and role-playing will allow you to choose from 16 character types and 100 different classes -- then put them to the test as they battle for glory & survival
- Battle with hundreds of unique weapons taken straight from the gladiator arenas of old -- and draw from the powers of magic to enhance your prowess on the field of honor
- Learn vital combat tactics and apply them on the battlefield -- and manage your pupils as they improve their skills
- Prepare to face the deadliest foe you can imagine as you prove yourself worthy of being Imperial Champion!
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