GTA Vice City
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2006-06-30
Publisher Rockstar Games
Date 2004-01-02
Publisher Rockstar Games
GTA Vice City GTA Vice City United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis pack contains both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ever fancied being a tooled-up hoodlum, living on the wrong side of the law and mixing it up with street gangs in a war over turf, drugs and cold, hard cash? Welcome to Grand Theft Auto III. Big brother of previous outings on the PSone and PC, GTA III has gone fully 3-D to bring Liberty City to life. Any worries about graphics speed on the PS2 are quickly dispelled the first time you carjack a taxi and take off like a lunatic, mowing down the innocent and incurring the wrath of the law. It has to be said that GTA III fully warrants its 18 certificate, dealing as it does with mob warfare, indiscriminate murder, auto crime, prostitution and more. The language gets a little "fruity" from time to time and you can't help but wince as you watch innocents get in the way of a good firefight. At the end of the day, though, this is a game and nothing more; thankfully, it's a good game, a very, very good game. --Chris Russell There can't be a more sure-fire hit in the gaming world than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Not quite a full-blown sequel, but far more than the average lazy mission disk, it relocates the action of the previous game from the NYC-styled Liberty City to the Miami-influenced metropolis of the title. As the game starts you take control of Tommy Vercetti (voiced by Goodfellas star Ray Liotta) who gets involved in a bungled drug deal and must set himself up from scratch as a crime boss. Unlike GTA III, you're not restricted to being a small-time hood any more; the game now allows you to purchase property (porn studios, strip clubs, cab companies and so on) and run extortion rackets. This cleverly widens the scope of the game while keeping the controls and gameplay pretty much the same. Indeed, in most respects the game is very similar to its predecessor--the graphics, for example, are improved but hardly ground-breaking--though there are numerous minor additions, most notably the chance to ride motorbikes--which is particularly satisfying--and fly proper aircraft. --Harrison Wilder

- Gangs will also run wild in the streets of the city giving other targets for the police to chase.
- Using a new Renderware engine with some modifications to the old texture-streaming technology, players will see muchbetter graphics and faster gameplay. Grand Theft Auto III
- Non-stop intense action.
- Both narrative-driven and nonlinear gameplay.
- A fully realized 3-D city.
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GTA Vice City North America Retail Box Art

GTA Vice City United Kingdom Retail Box Art