Headhunter Redemption
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 22728
Date 2004-08-01
Publisher Sega
Date 2004-08-27
Publisher Sega
North America Retail Box ArtMaintaining law and society order is veteran Headhunter Jack Wade and rebellious street kid Leeza X. Whether solving crime in the glittering metropolis 'Above' or stalking criminal masterminds of the shadowy underworld 'Below', they are led into the greatest danger of their lives and must overcome something much more sinister than a simple human threat...each must face their darkest fears. Together they must redeem a world facing chaos!

- The Bloody Mary Virus took its toll in the original game, changing society forever. Jack Wade, heroic soldier, has been navigating this new landscape for 20 years -- and now he'll take his young protege, Leeza X, into a new adventure.
- Story-driven sci-fi action involving hand-to-hand combat, stealth and shooter action
- Engage in evasive maneuvers, direct combat or solve riddles to find ways out of trouble
- Multiple options in gameplay -- Leeza can flatten up against a wall & peek around corners, switch to the unique scan view, and more
- Fluid game control and captivating graphics define this incredible, dark, fascinating game world -- can you survive its challenges?
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