Heroes of the Pacific
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date 2005-09-28
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2005-09-23
Publisher Codemasters
Heroes of the Pacific dramatically recreates the largest aerial battles of the Second World War. Relive the greatest moments of the Pacific Theater, including Wake Island, Midway and the Coral Sea. Experience epic scope of the battles, placing hundreds of planes on the screen in a single confrontation. Fly the latest designs that American ingenuity has to offer, the Hellcat and Wildcat, the Dauntless and the Corsair -- while facing the fast and deadly Japanese Zeroes. Player-controllable wingmen through a fast and intuitive menu system Highly detailed plane and ship models with complex lighting and environment effects Varied mission types - Ground attack, ground support, escort defense, patrol, torpedo and dive-bombing Unlock bonus planes from the U.K., Germany, and the U.S.S.R.

- Fight the Pacific's most epic and action-packed WWII air battles
- Missions based on true events and accurate historical footage
- Command a total of 36 authentic-looking and fun-to-fly WWII aircraft
- Arcade- and professional-style controls; 6 different game modes
- Multiplayer action with up to 8 players online
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