Kameo: Elements of Power
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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During the last Great Battle, Thorn sought to conquer the Fairy race in a bid to exert total control over the planet's wildlife, and would have succeeded but for an act of final desperate magic which saw him locked in stone along with three of the remaining four Fairies. Her sister and brothers' selfless sacrifice left only Theena, the Fairies' devoted Queen, and her unborn child to guard the curse on behalf of future generations.

Now, however, the release of familiar dark energies can mean only one thing: a curse which seemed unbreakable was not truly so, and Thorn is free to pick up his campaign where he left off so many years ago. Worse than that, he has turned the tables on his previous captors and now holds prisoner the three petrified Elemental Ancestors (as they have become known), draining their energies to produce an elite force of elemental mutant warriors.
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