Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2004-10-12
Date 2004-10-29
North America Retail Box ArtThe Second War of Heroes had addressed all countries and races of Bersia into battlefields of no returns and been fatally ended with the death of Amaruak. It gave a temporary peace to the continent, however the root of disaster, the Ancient Heart, was yet lying in a coil waiting for its new destiny as sealed. 50 years later, finally this glassy peace has been broken. A human town in Hironeiden nearby the sacred place bordered on Hexter of Orcs and Dark elves has been annihilated by the reformed Dark Legion. The joint armies of Hironeiden and Eclessia immediately sallied to Hexter to protect the sacred place and that became the only outpost of a new war…

As many as 200 unique fantasy characters up to 3000 polygons for each and 10000 polygons for heroes
Clever-tactics upon density of troops, resistance of soil, wind, sunlight and all environmental factors
Upgradeable and customizable troops and generals with numerous characteristic armors and weapons to furnish with
Simultaneous performances of all 200 characters in one game screen powered by the monster graphic power of Xbox
Physical Battle Formations that interact in real-time with game surroundings and combat situations
Ever-Realistic graphic that even details dusts blowing and mind-blowing special effects.
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