Kung Fu Chaos
Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 6653
Date N/A
Date 2003-04-11
From the opening sequence, Microsoft's crazy martial arts caper Kung Fu Chaos is full of all the best clichés from the kung fu films of the 70s, even down to the music, with Lalo Schifrin's theme from Enter the Dragon drawing you into a crazy kung fu caper. Lights, camera, action: become immortalised as the greatest kung fu master in Chinese cinema. Choose one of six masters, each with a unique fighting style. Learn to become one with the button combos, impress the director and you can be a star in the best kung fu action movie of all time. With all it's influences this game is a fresh and welcome change to the more serious fighting games around. It's the Jackie Chan of fighting games, with the emphasis on fun and comedy as well as some great fighting action. The game will keep you busy for days as you unlock new characters and explore new areas. Practise in rehearsal mode and get your punches, blocks and taunts fine-tuned and ready to be unleashed. Play the single player mode and unlock new scenes to perform, do a good job and avoid taking part of a straight-to-video flop. As you would expect in a member of the fighting genre, the game comes to life as a multi-player game. Punch, kick, throw; use all you have learnt to be the best fighter in this free-for-all action extravaganza. Grab three friends, check the gate, roll the cameras and become part of the mayhem that is Kung Fu Chaos. --Robert Holliday.
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