Metal Arms
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 4781
Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2003-12-05
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBlast your way to victory as Glitch, the gun-slinging robot of Droid City, in a destructive battle with General Corrosive and his maniacal army.

- Battle above, below, and on planet Iron Star through six unique environments and over 40 missions including sniping, sneaking, puzzle solving, and non-stop shoot 'em up action.
- Exploit 17 deadly weapons to dismantle the militia - literally piece by piece.
- Hijack 10 unique enemy bots and use their own evil against them.
- Commandeer 3 devastating vehicles to destroy your enemies.
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