Micro Machines
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 40390
Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2002-11-08
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtMicro Machines 64 Turbo puts you in control of those crazy little cars known as Micro Machines. The racetracks are all to scale: zoom across a packed kitchen table, or zip over the back of a ruler connecting one desk to another. With up to 32 Micro Machines to be mastered, the game has fairly high replay value. Moreover, the designers have taken full advantage of the Nintendo 64's graphics ability to create beautifully rendered race courses. However, one major drawback is the viewing angle, which is from a floating camera focused on the immediate area around you. The viewing angle can be a bit disorienting and never seems to allow you to anticipate the next turn. Invest in an extra controller for the entertainment value of the multiplayer option. Those gamers with no passion for racing should consider a different investment option, because this game is all about getting to the finish line first. --Hugh Arnold Pros: Great graphics Fun multiplayer option Great for the gamer who enjoys different setups for racing Cons: Annoying viewing angle
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