Nascar Heat
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
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Fans of the NASCAR Winston Cup will thrill at the dynamic racing modes of NASCAR Heat. Choose from one of 25 different drivers to race on 19 real Winston Cup tracks. Five modes let you compete in single races, season championships, beat-the-heat, head-to-head, and race-the-pro. Realistic car damage, dents, scratches, sparks, and collisions heighten the race drama, as do special effects such as lens flare, waving flags, and rotating signs. Take on all-new racing scenarios that capture the split-second decisions and timing required of NASCAR drivers. Race at normal level for fun arcade-style racing, or take on the expert simulation mode and experience the physics of driving a 750-horsepower Winston Cup car. Realistic graphics and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound capabilities heighten the pulse-pounding competition.

- Choose from more than 25 drivers and get in the driver’s seat for a Nascar race
- Xbox System Link option allows for up to sixteen players to compete
- Nineteen real Winston Cup tracks
- Single Races, Season, Beat the Heat, Head to Head and Race the Pro modes
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