Neighbours From Hell
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
Today's Rank 24243
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2005-03-04
Living next door to Woody are real Neighbours from Hell. Loud, rude and obnoxious are probably their finer qualities, but now Woody has snapped!! Starring in a fantastic new TV show that meshes Beadles About with Big Brother; cameras track Woody's every move as he sets his fiendish traps upon the unsuspecting residents. Create unparalleled levels of disarray by playing a range of practical jokes, which in turn increase ratings and may even win Woody an all important award.Woody starts off with easy-to-assemble traps but to keep the audience happy he must go on to construct a prankster's masterpiece. For this he is going to need all his wits about him and beware of watchful neighbours and alert guard dogs; if they catch him then the show will be cancelled. On a quest for revenge that will take him from his less than cosy neighbourhood to exotic locations like Mexico, China and India, Woody is going to get even no matter how.

Reach maximum revenge in 24 brain-teasing and thrilling episodes
Fantastic animation and detailed characters enliven the scenery
Hundreds of ingenious pranks
The audience is on your side - it rewards every one of your pranks with applause and laughter
Cool music accompanies your hilarious adventures
Easy to learn controls, plus hints from the show's director, guarantee quick mastery and hours of fun
Four different play modes make the game fun for beginners or pros
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