NFL 2003
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2005-08-23
Publisher Electronic Arts
Officially licensed by the NFL, this game includes all NFL teams, players, and stadiums--but the action is like that from your wildest football dreams. Players punch, jump, crash, and pass like packs of crazed superheroes. You can customize your own player down to his height, weight, position, and gear. All-new fantasy stadiums include locations never before seen in a licensed NFL video game. There are updated rosters, schedules, and uniforms with the addition of the Houston Texans. The controls are more intuitive and geared for fast action. The 3-D graphics showcase bulging muscles and real player faces. You play in various weather conditions from sun to snow.

- Licensed by the NFL, so you get all your favorite real NFL players, plus statistics and giant, life-like 3-D player models
- Create-A-Player lets you create the player of your dreams with customizable weight, position and gear
- Hear play-by-play commentary from the two-man booth
- Great soundtrack!
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